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Aliens are attacking the ship! The members of the Resonance team have been sent to the cargo bay to stop them.


  • 1, 2, and 3 - select hero's
  • WASD - move selected hero's
  • Space - FIRE!!!

The three hero's form a triangle together and their weapon attacks depend on their positions relative to the others, specifically the angle that a certain hero has at their corner of the triangle.

If the angle a hero has is acute (less than or equal to 90 degrees) a high powered beam will shoot a crossed the triangle, going to the mid point of the far side of the triangle.

An obtuse angle (90 to 180 degrees) creates a weak area of effect sphere centered on the center of the triangle and as large as the distance between the caster and the sides of the triangle.

Move the hero's around to get different angles, weapons, and better aim.

Good luck.